The spirit of "Omotenashi"
is world class Japanese hospitality

J-MIND aims to support personal communication in various projects with our concept of world class Japanese hospitality by planning high quality service contents at this age of seeking for genuine richness and luxuriousness.

J-MIND Co., Ltd is specialized in marketing provides high valued personal services with our concept of world class Japanese hospitality "Omotenasshi".
The spirit of Omotenashi proves old Japanese traditions are still alive and it is supreme hospitality originated in Japan.
We are now being questioned the true value in the era of globalization.
We believe our business meets requirements by providing luxurious time and space only for executive people seek for the genuine and rich life styles in this age of speedy and easy to produce anything.
We are specialized in marketing for executives who seek for high valued services by planning and enforcing the high end services or concierge service based on "personal communication"


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